Guide to buying a toaster: 6 keys to consider

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Maybe all toasters will look the same, but it is no coincidence that in your favorite store appliance is always at least an entire aisle devoted to them. And it is for tastes, colors, and also toasters, so to get the right one for you, do not miss this guide to buying a toaster.

One or two slots, that’s the question

The world is divided into two types of people: those who like toasters with a single slot and those who prefer those with two. It is not to be taken as a joke. There are couples who realized that they were not for each other when going to buy a toaster and see that they belonged to different sides. It’s like being from the Montagues and the Capulets, an impossible love.

The reasons to buy a single slot toaster are several. Its biggest advantage is that they fit larger toast because although it has a single slot, this is usually longer so that they fit two small slices (for example, sliced bread), but also a large slice of bread normal. Another point in favor is that, although the toasters of a slot have a greater length, they are also narrower, so when they rest against the wall, they take up less space in the kitchen countertop.

On the other side of the scale, the two-slot toasters are more compact and are best stored in a drawer or kitchen cabinet. In addition, there are larger models with two long slots, so that they fit up to four small slices or two larger.

Defrosted function, for the lazy

If you are one of those who is too lazy to get up early in the morning to go buy bread and still do not have children to assign them that domestic chore to earn their pay, you are interested in a toaster with a defrosted function. As its name suggests, it will allow you to thaw the slices before toasting them. This will make them crispier and the center will not stay cold while the edges burn.

If you’re more than croissants, you need an accessory to heat

Not everything will be toast for breakfast. If from time to time you fancy some type of pastries, that’s when the heating accessory comes in handy. It is usually a grid that is placed on the toaster and heats what you put on it, but not toasted. Very useful for croissants, Neapolitans and conch shells, which do not usually fit in the grooves but are enjoyed a little more crispy.

Lover of the bagels? You also have your function

Although bagels, a kind of donut-shaped bagel that is very popular as a breakfast in New York, are not very common in Spain, many toasters incorporate a specific function to toast this type of bread. If you are a lover of bagels, do not hesitate, get one with this option.

For the most technological, digital toasters

Although the operation of a toaster is simpler than the mechanism of a botijo (basically, some electrical resistances that heat and toast the bread), there are digital models for technology lovers that provide certain advantages.

In this type of toasters, you will know exactly how much time is left for the bread to jump because they include a small screen that shows the seconds remaining according to the chosen program.

Another advantage of these toasters is that you can take out the bread to see if it is the way you like it without stopping the process. Take a look and put the slice back without resetting the counter.

If you do not want to lose sight of your slice, a surface toaster
The downside of conventional toasters is that it is difficult to know how the bread is toasted. Although they all have a dial to choose the degree of toast, many times it is a bit of a lottery: Will it be left undercooked? Will it burn around the edges? Will the Magi have brought me a coal?

So if you want to control the bread at all times, a surface toaster is your choice. The operation is similar: a series of electrical resistances that go toasting the bread, only that, in this case, instead of in vertical, they are arranged horizontally, and you place the bread in a grid on them.

Its biggest advantage is that you see how the bread is toasted and you can put slices of any size or even pastries.

The drawback is that it is a bit slower because you have to toast the bread first on one side and then on the other.

With this last advice finishes our guide to buy a toaster. It may not be the most important acquisition of your life, but hey, it’s always nice to get it right and enjoy it every morning. Do you already know what your favorite toaster is?

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