How to buy the best slow cook Crock-Pot

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In this article I will carry out an analysis and comparison between several brands and models of slow cookers or crock-pot, indicating their benefits and characteristics so that you can choose the option that best suits you and your needs.

I will tell you about my experience: I come from a small town and my grandmother used to cook me roasts and stews of meat, those where the flavors of tender meats and with a lot of flavors stood out.

I tried recreating their recipes several times, but the lack of time never helped. So one day, checking several pages and blogs on the internet, I found slow cookers or slow cookers and I must say that they were the solution to my problems.

They allow me to make a kitchen without hurry, without having to be aware of the pot and best of all surprising my family and diners with unique recipes rich in flavor.

So if the world of slow cooker catches your attention, keep reading that this article is for you.

What is a Crock-pot?

Crock-pots or slow cookers, you can use either of the two terms but what are they really?

Well, I’ll tell you, the slow cookers (they look like rice cookers but not) are pots that consist of two parts:

a metal housing where there are some electrical resistances that generate the heat with which food is cooked
an internal ceramic pot where cooking takes place

These pots work at temperatures that never exceed the boiling point (or 100 degrees Celsius). So they can cook a meat or chicken about 7 hours easily.

So you wonder what advantage I get from this pot? And the answer is very simple: its flavor and texture.

The flavor you will get is unmatched. More intense and will leave the food with a softness like butter, enhancing, even more, its flavors since none of its juices evaporate in the cooking process.

Benefits of Slow Cooking

The cooking at low temperatures is not new, it has existed for a long time.

In fact, in ancient times the food took much longer to cook because they did not have the powerful kitchens of now. It was cooked in lights whose temperature was not so high.

But despite a long time, slow cooking has several benefits.

The first is with respect to the independence that gives you the use of a slow cooker since you will not have to be aware that the food is burned as in conventional pots.
This is because in the crockpots, the temperature does not exceed the boiling point, so you can do other activities with the assurance that what you cook will not burn.

  • Another benefit is its low power consumption. Some people have the mistaken idea that a slow cooker consumes a lot of electricity since they spend hours connected to the current.

Well, these computers consume very little. At maximum power, they consume about 200W at approximately 0.03 euros per hour. So to prepare a soup, for example, you will consume about 0.72 euros. Quite reasonable for your pocket.

  • It will also allow you to save money when it comes to meat cuts. You can buy whole and inexpensive pieces of meat that, thanks to the slow cooking, will be as soft as a prime meat and equally with great flavor and healthy by not losing nutrients.

Factors you should know to buy a Crock-Pot

If you are already determined to buy a crockpot, I recommend that you consider the following factors so that you can make an intelligent purchase based on your needs.

Size and capacity

This will depend a lot on the number of diners you cook for.The capacity of these devices is measured in liters, so a 4-liter pot is indicated for about 4 people. While a liter or a liter and a half are recommended above all to prepare sauces or desserts (smaller portions).


Crock pots can come in different shapes: round, oval or rectangular.

When choosing your model I recommend the oval or rectangular, as they allow you to prepare a greater versatility of dishes can be cooked in it a piece of whole meat or a chicken to prepare roast chicken. Forms that are a little harder to fit in a circular pot for example.


It is common that these pots are somewhat heavy but keep in mind that the lighter the pot, the easier it will be.

On average, a slow cooker can weigh about 4 kg, also be depending on its size.


The most basic models that include a knob in which you choose the temperature level (low, medium or high) manually.

Some models include a timer in which you can accurately program the cooking time of the food to obtain optimal results in the preparation of your food.

So if your budget allows, choose a model with a timer. It will be an additional advantage.

Materials and coating

When choosing your pot to choose a model whose casing or external part is made of stainless steel. This will facilitate cleaning and will give a nice aesthetic to the device.

As for the internal part, try that the removable pot is made of stoneware or ceramic, which will guarantee a greater durability and versatility since you can put it in the oven separately if you need it.

Opaque or transparent lid

Particularly I recommend the second ones because through it you can see how the cooking of the stew or stew progresses without the need to open the lid, which happens with the opaque lids.


Some models of pots include special functions such as keeping warm that continue to work after the cooking time has finished so that your food does not cool down or programming the time when you want the pot to turn on. In short, there are several options.


This is an important factor. Choose a model whose parts such as the glass lid and the removable stoneware pot are suitable for washing both in the dishwasher and under the tap.

With regard to the external part, it is convenient a model that can be cleaned by just passing a damp cloth. For this reason, stainless steel is recommended.


In the market, you can find some models that include accessories such as recipe books, spoons, strainers, forks, among others. So if the chosen model includes some extra, much better.


This is the final factor but that includes all the previous ones. Depending on its size, shape, brand, among others, the price of the appliance will depend.

This can range from $40 the cheapest to over $160 the most complete.

I have extensive experience in researching the product and always trying to find the actual fact of the product. Actually, Ton's of same or similar product in the market so, how you will identify which is the best and fit for your daily life. Just think! I'm here to select the best.

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