Children And Safety In Your Kitchen

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We tend to pay attention to kitchen furniture, but this space is one of the places where you have to be more careful with the smallest of the house.You need safety in your kitchen for children.

It is a space in which almost every square centimeter is prone to any child running some kind of risk. We always have to take the utmost care, especially in these spaces where there is a lot of ease so that your curiosity can be a little scare …

That is why today we bring you some small tips that you can follow to avoid any incident as much as possible.

Safety in Your Kitchen Furniture

Working area, always clean

The cooking area is a space that gets dirty quickly, the splashes of oil and water can make the ground quite slippery, so if any small, runs around running the risk of slipping.

The system of blocking the plate, oven or other household appliance is a very important option, you have to think that children love buttons and try new things. In this way, we will protect it from any manipulation.

Chemical products

Any type of cleaning product must be out of the reach of children.

The wrappings and packaging of these products usually have a striking design, with bright colors that attract children as if they were trinkets.

It is best to place them in an area of difficult access for them, but if we do not have that space, there are brands that have security locks to avoid opening them easily.


Place the heavy objects close to the ground, it is the best way to condition them.

Dangerous objects

It seems that no, but there are many things in our homes that children lick a lot of attention, that is why objects such as cutlery, plastic bags, scissors or other utensils should be as far as possible from their hands

Small appliances

One of the best ways to prevent children from having an accident in the kitchen is by unplugging appliances. This way you will avoid a possibly dangerous situation if you touch a button by accident or playing.

As you can see are simple, a priori logical, but with the day to day many times we can escape some detail of this type. In the kitchens, there are many ways to avoid this kind of thing without being very aware of it, and at Cocinas Ferreira we will be happy to tell you all the options you can have.

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